Ashlei Cooper

Ashlei Cooper is a multimedia storyteller with nearly a decade of experience creating content for publications and organizations. She received her B.A. in English from Spelman College and M.S. in Journalism from The Medill School of Northwestern University. Follow her on Twitter: @_AshleiCooper.

Articles written by Ashlei Cooper

Like many countries in the midst of World War II, France found its land decimated and agriculture on the decline. Many French citizens found themselves...more

It has become an annual practice for us to conduct an internet usage survey. Over the years, we have monitored how technology has developed on...more

Nearly 60 years ago, in a small town outside of Paris, France, named Brégy, the first known toilet macerating system was created. The system was...more

AERCO: The Innovation water heating system is easy to install, delivers energy savings and lowers operating costs. It delivers instantaneous hot water, and the stainless steel...more

To thank their U.S. customers, Saniflo put together a special promotion called, “Trip of a Lifetime.” Two groups traveled to Paris, France in April...more

From pickups to vans, contractors submitted their “mobile offices” for the fourth edition of PHC News magazine’s work truck spotlight.

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation...more

Editorial Director Ashlei Cooper checked in with Trimble MEP while they were in Chicago for their 2016 Roadshow! Take a look at some of...more

Last year, the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) hosted its first Construction Technology Conference. Due to popular demand, MCAA is bringing the conference back...more


The Mascot FT combination boiler and water heater offers an Energy Star “Most Efficient” qualified rating of 95 percent AFUE. The system features a...more

In January 2015, the Pew Research Center released survey results in its “Women and Leadership” trends update. In the update, it was reported that since...more

The 1973 hit song, which this column’s title references, walks listeners through a man’s internal debate about approaching a woman. He describes the lady as...more

Access to clean water is a basic necessity for human life. The key word there is access. Treated water doesn’t magically fall from shower heads....more

When plumbing, heating and cooling professionals want to learn about the latest-and-greatest offerings in the U.S., they travel to events like AHR Expo, KBIS, Greenbuild,...more

In 2005, the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors National Association’s (PHCC) Educational Foundation assumed responsibility for all apprentice training programs at the national level. Prior to...more

There isn’t much to dispute about the existence of training and education in the industry. Almost everyone has sat in on a seminar at an...more

Considering how much of daily life in the U.S. now integrates digital technology, it’s almost jolting to realize that the world wide web came into...more

Mergers and acquisitions. Oftentimes, when someone hears this phrase they think of lawyers or banking. It is doubtful that a single-location, small business like the...more

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) first developed and published the Uniform Solar Energy Code (USEC) in 1976. The code was developed...more

In 1900, J.A. Zurn set out to eliminate wastewater back up in homes and buildings. To do so, he started Zurn Industries and manufactured his...more

Moen has committed to two objectives: quality design and preserving the planet. As the time of year approaches where there is excess in many areas...more