Bristol Stickney

Bristol Stickney has been designing, manufacturing, repairing and installing solar hydronic heating systems for more than 30 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and is a licensed Mechanical Contractor in New Mexico. He is the Chief Technical Officer for SolarLogic LLC in Santa Fe, N.M., where he is involved in development of solar heating control systems and design tools for solar heating professionals. Visit for more information.

Articles written by Bristol Stickney

In the past year or so, we have visited a number of public schools that have existing solar domestic hot water (SDHW) heaters. The Albuquerque...more

Even a fully functional solar hydronic heating system may overheat, and this is most likely to happen when there is plenty of sun, but the...more

One of the most popular and practical uses for “extra” solar heat in summer is to heat a swimming pool without the use of fossil...more

It seems that there are just as many different ways to install a solar/hydronic combisystem as there are installers. And, this may well be one...more

I have met many people who are in favor of solar energy, but are put-off by the way the collectors look, and some even think...more

In the Plumbing and Heating industry, hydronic “hot water” boiler systems can be easily combined with solar thermal hydronic technology. We commonly find that by...more

The energy management control systems we use most commonly today depend heavily upon thermistor sensors and other types of sensors connected to a central control...more

A Folded Harp is a collector (or pair of collectors) that was designed with the supply and return Header a one end. The parallel risers...more

To the untrained eye, all solar collectors may look alike. Most are big and flat, covered by glass, with a metal frame enclosing a dark...more

In Alaska, a plumbing and heating service call might take a number of days, a long drive, a trip on a ferry boat with a...more

Renewable energy technologies like hybrid cars and solar electric power require a higher level of technology and automated intelligence that can be expected to come...more

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In this column, our focus is on Solar...more

Solar Thermal Hydronic Combisystems, like all hydronic systems, owe their very existence to the quiet, humble yet reliable centrifugal circulator pump. These pumps are at...more

In this series of articles over the years, I have been making the case that the key ingredients for solar/hydronic design and installation can be...more

Solar tchermal hydronic ombisystems must be designed and installed with the highest standards of quality and reliability. There are many ways to approach solar/hydronic heating...more

The industrial revolution has been fueled by combustion since its very beginning and combustion produces Carbon Dioxide gas (CO2). Whether from a power plant, a...more

Solar heat collectors are commonly installed as "Closed-Loop Pressurized-Glycol" systems in cold climates where freezing weather exists.


With the New Year 2015 underway, it is customary to look back, take stock and make resolutions


In this column, over the past few years, I have been describing standard methods and best practices we use to install Solar Hydronic Combisystems in...more

Alternative-energy heat sources are not always well-behaved. Unlike conventional hydronic boilers, solar heat collectors will not produce heat on-demand, and will not always produce a...more