Steve Smith

Steve Smith served as the editorial director of Plumbing Engineer in the 1990s, and brings 20 years of experience covering the plumbing, piping and radiant heating markets. From 1996 to 2009, Smith helped grow two industry magazines’ monthly editorial content, including adding seven supplemental publications. He has traveled throughout the U.S., and abroad to Japan, China and Europe to meet with industry leaders and represent various magazines. He can be reached at 847-564-1127 or


Articles written by Steve Smith

Mike Agugliaro might just want to punch you in the face.  Well, possibly more in some ways, but somewhat less in others.  Contractor Talbot Watkins,...more

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Two plumbing and HVAC industry veterans have returned to once again help contractors succeed in their businesses. Jim Abrams and Terry Nicholson have launched PRAXIS S-10,...more

Last month, the U.S. Water Alliance released “One Water Roadmap: The Sustainable Management of Life’s Most Essential Resource,” a 40-page guide for  changing the...more

The residents of The Ackerly at Timberland have all the comforts of home at the sort of home that’s becoming more popular as aging Americans...more

Home Depot (HD), the retailer, is also very much Home Depot, the wholesaler, too. HD reported a strong third quarter last week that marked a...more

Most of us have fallen back a time or two, particularly when we’re teetering on the direst of straits, on that old reliable WAG —...more

There’s a new green building standard in the U.S. geared toward the country’s 5.8 million existing commercial buildings that are not currently benchmarking sustainability efforts. It’s...more

In its mission to provide safe, sustainable drinking water and promote the efficient use of water, Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) recently held a press conference...more

The trouble with our country’s drinking and wastewater service is, typically, there’s no trouble at all. And therein lies the real trouble. “Because the sector has...more

If there’s any good news coming out of Flint, Michigan, it’s that the municipal water has improved so much in recent months that it’s finally...more

Milwaukee Tool hosted more than 100 print and digital media journalists at the annual New Product Symposium in its hometown, June 7-8. Basically, if a power...more

Every workday at Liberty Pumps’ Bergen, New York, manufacturing facility begins the same way. As “members” – the company’s preferred term for employees – gather...more

Still think that Facebook is a fad? It’s easy to think that. The social networking service has only been around for a


The work on the addition for Liberty Pumps began a year and a half ago with the first phase of construction adding more than 81,600...more

The following graph got my attention during a general session on the economy at the 2016 Uponor Connections Convention. This every-other-year networking


It’s one-part comedy and two-parts tragedy. While California homeowners have had to cut their water use by 25 percent, nearly 100,000 people in Flint, Michigan...more

There’s a lot to think in regards to Flint, Michigan. But before you think about anything else, think about this. For the sake of saving $4...more

No matter what trade show or seminar I attend, I keep hearing that plumbing and heating technicians are in great demand. The HVACR Workforce Development...more

From the start, when Green Bay Packers' management decided to renovate Lambeau Field in the early 2000s, they called on mechanical contracting businessman, David LeMay....more