Max Rohr

Max Rohr is a graduate of the University of Utah. He is the REHAU Construction Academy Manager in Leesburg, Virginia. He has worked in the hydronics and solar industry for 16 years in the installation, sales and marketing sectors. Rohr is a LEED Green Associate and the Radiant Professional Alliance (RPA) Education Committee Chairman. He can be reached by email at and on Twitter at @maxjrohr.

Articles written by Max Rohr

I’ve been to a handful of training rooms across the industry. Some have beautiful shrines dedicated to hydronics that include functional equipment. Some have a...more

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I appreciate a well-designed tool; I attribute that part of my personality to my German ancestors. Regardless of the task, I value a tool that...more

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There isn’t a specific documented day in history that humans first controlled fire. However, my guess is that less than two weeks after that day,...more

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In my recent move to the East Coast, I realized how much trash is associated with relocation. By the time we finished unpacking and buying...more

In college, for a brief span, I decided I wanted to major in chemistry.  I have always been intrigued by how and why different elements...more

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Would you like to move to an eco-township? An eco-township is essentially a sustainable planned community where people live and work, much like a college...more

High LEED, HERS, RESNET and Energy Star building construction scores are cool energy efficiency certifications to strive for if you are a sustainability nerd, or...more

If you want a hot tip on low gas prices, I know two places where filling up your car won’t break the bank. Saudi Arabia...more

I am what could be described as a thermostat nerd. I enjoy walking into mechanical rooms where boilers are modulating along with some sort of...more