Richard DiToma

Richard P. DiToma has been involved in the PHC contracting industry since 1970. He is a contracting business coach/consultant and an active PHC contractor. For information about CPA programs, or to contact Richard: call 845-639-5050; e-mail; mail to R & G Profit-Ability, Inc. P.O. Box 282, West Nyack, N.Y., 10994; or fax 845-634-7236.

Articles written by Richard DiToma

As a small child, whenever I wanted to go somewhere or do something my mother didn’t approve of, I would argue that all my friends...more

DZ, a contractor from North Dakota, asks: “In the latest issue of PHC News, you talk about ‘per hour.’ but what about makeup of parts?...more

In providing service, contractors incur the cost of vehicles and ancillary vehicular expenses. Each service tech needs a vehicle for travel to the consumer’s locale....more

Improper sizing of a drain line, heating or air-conditioning unit leads to poor performance, which results in you and your customer not being happy campers....more

As a contractor, you face business problems. If you can’t identify your problem, you can’t begin to solve it. Many of those problems are caused...more

Mrs. Smith calls you when her heating system stopped working. You inform her of your procedures and policies, including the fact that you will quote...more

“What do you charge for a water heater replacement?” is a question I have heard many times by contractors at supply house counters, trade meetings...more

Let’s look at some issues to consider in arriving at the proper profit percentage for your business. ﷯First, what is profit? Merriam-Webster defines profit as ﷯...more

Before you can know if your prices are silly, you must understand the meaning of the word silly. Merriam-Webster defines “silly” as: having or showing...more

The word “if,” as in if only I had tried, led you to enter the PHC contracting business world in hopes of being in charge...more

Before you can develop a properly profitable selling price for your services, you must determine certain factors. The first, most important, and the foundation of...more

The reasons contractors say they decided to go into the PHC contracting business vary. Some say they entered the business arena to continue the business...more

When contractors call me for information about my Contractor Profit Advantage programs, the situation is typicallythe same. Their American dream of success, through ownership of...more

When contractors call me seeking my business coaching assistance, we engage in a conversation that gives me the opportunity to understand their situation. At the...more

As I was contemplating the subject of this month’s article, the phone rang. I answered and on the other end of the phone was a...more

I thought it would be wise to make a list of important issues that are common and affect the results contractors get from their businesses....more

As I entered the choir practice room at church, I noticed one of the other choir members had arrived earlier than I did. We exchanged...more

As a young man, my formal education steered me toward the accounting field. While in college, I earned money by selling shoes. After college, I...more

Kenny Rogers recorded “The Gambler,” a song about poker written by Don Schlitz, in the 70s. The refrain claims, “You’ve got to know when to...more

Adages are short sayings. However, when we make adages shorter, or change adages in any fashion other than originally intended, we misinterpret the meaning of...more