Sean McCormack

Sean McCormack is co-owner of BMC Plumbing and Heating Inc. He can be reached by Email at; Phone 845-596-7770; Twitter @seantheplumber1; and Periscope @seantheplumber. Visit Sean’s website at

Articles written by Sean McCormack

There we were, all crammed into the family station wagon on our way upstate for our annual McCormack summer vacation. It was a trip we...more

Growing up under my parent’s roof, my siblings and I were constantly surrounded by motivational and inspirational information from them both. Everywhere we turned in...more

It was a sunshine-filled Saturday morning. My son Mason, myself and my wife Azure, were just finishing up our pancake breakfast. “Alright everyone, let’s get...more

It was a sun-filled Saturday morning in early May, when a call came in to my cell phone via text message reading, “Water heater is...more

“Alright gentleman, here’s the game. We’re going to play five card stud, and threes are the wild card,” my father said to the six people...more

“Alright, Sean. Are you ready to handle your first weekend of running this company?” my dad asked me over the phone.  It was Friday, and...more

“Dada, Dada! Dada, are you awake yet?” Mason asked, sitting two inches from my face. “Huh? What? Mason, go back to bed,” I replied. “Dada, it’s...more

“Rich are you still awake?” I whispered to my brother. “Yes, I’m still awake,” he replied. Back in my teenage years, my brother Rich and I shared...more

During my early college years at St. Thomas Aquinas College, I was juggling academics, my music career and working on the weekends with my father,...more

“Mama! Dada! It’s Christmas morning! It’s Christmas morning!” Mason screamed at the top of his lungs at 6:00 a.m. at the foot of our bed. ...more

Well Sean, I have something to tell you,” said, Vinney, my drum instructor as he sat beside me getting ready to wrap up the lesson....more

Well Sean, I have something to tell you,” said, Vinney, my drum instructor as he sat beside me getting ready to wrap up the lesson....more

While I was lying in my warm, comfortable bed with a cool, crisp breeze blowing through the open window, I took a deep breath, stretched...more

“I really hope it’s only 3:00a.m. right now. I still need at least three more hours of sleep,” I said to myself as I laid...more

"Well Sean, it’s either you or me who has to sneak behind that tight boiler and make that repair. Since I’m the one climbing up...more

Sean…Sean…Sean. Come on, it’s time to get up,” my dad said, as he was shaking me from my sleep. “OK, OK, I’m getting up,” I told...more

It was a Sunday evening and my wife Azure, our son Mason and I had just finished up dinner at one of our favorite Italian...more

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon with the sun shining bright, birds chirping and a nice breeze in the air. Nothing mattered more in the...more

It was a typical Monday evening when I arrived home from a long day of work. I was greeted at


“Mission complete, Dad. Toilet is in, looking good. No leaks. No runs. No errors,” I said to my father over the phone.

“Perfect! Head over...more