ADEY MagnaClean Professional2

ADEY, a U.K.-based company launched in 2003, is bringing its proven solution to  combat the effects of iron oxide sludge in hydronic systems to North America. ADEY’s MagnaClean Professional2 features a unique, patented magnetic and non-magnetic filtration system that, within minutes of installation, begins to capture and remove virtually all of the suspended iron oxide that collects in hydronic heating systems.

Designed for ¾-inch copper and 1-inch NPT iron pipework, the MagnaClean Professional2 is ideal for residential applications. The MagnaClean Professional2 is a compact unit that is easily fitted on the return pipe to the boiler/circulator, via rapid-fit connectors. It can be installed in minutes, and can be serviced even faster, due to the unit’s quick-release trigger, low-profile drain valve, and built-in air vent.

By removing magnetic and non-magnetic debris, MagnaClean Professional2 not only extends the operational life of the hydronic system, but also offers benefits that save money and time for installers and homeowners.


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