Aquam Corporation announces term agreement with HTC

San Diego, Calif. – Aquam Corporation, a global cleantech firm, has agreed to terms with UK based HTC Management Services Limited (“HTC”), a provider of water main cleaning of lengths exceeding 1km per setup and in-situ relining of existing lead service pipes. This pending acquisition will enable Aquam to immediately expand its product offering in the UK and become a key solution provider to the UK water utilities as they satisfy their requirements to reduce the lead content in potable drinking water as part of the recently announced Asset Management Program (AMP 6) over the next 5 years.

HTC’s patented process was developed to provide a cost effective solution to significantly reducing the lead content in water without the need of instituting a highly capital intensive process of replacing the problematic lead pipes. The “Serline” process not only has the ability to clean and dry the pipe, but also has a unique lining system that coats the internal surface to provide a seamless barrier between the water and the lead pipe wall.

Over 10 million homes in the UK are affected by lead water lines across the

22 water utilities in the UK. The HTC technology will be offered through Aquam’s subsidiary Nu Flow, who has secured an initial contract to use the “Serline” process for 30,000 homes over three years in the United Kingdom with a [top 10] water utility and is in discussion with others.

“Aquam is now well positioned to be a leader in the global marketplace to  cost effectively reduce the lead content in drinking water and while the UK will be our initial market, this is undoubtedly a global issue,” said Aquam CEO Cameron Manners. “We strive to offer economical and environmentally friendly solutions for the nation’s most complex and oldest epidemics, lead water service lines and infrastructure renewal.”

In addition to expanding its product offering in the UK, Aquam’s growth plan includes bringing both water main cleaning and in-situ relining technologies to the North American market.

The purchase agreement comes less than a year after Aquam’s acquisition of JD7, Nu Flow and Nu Flow Technologies.



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