ASPE releases Consultant Report

Rosemont, Ill. - ASPE members, non-members, mechanical and plumbing engineers, contractors and key employees should be tuned into industry professional associations such as ASPE, ASHRE, ASSE, MBPA or the Code Study Development Committee of Southeastern Michigan, according to John Nussbaum, IPP, FASSE/ASPE.

“Have you asked yourself where are their future leaders going to come from if you’re not involved or participating?” Nussbaum asked.

Professional associations’ leaders are looking for people to mentor and train, in order to carry on the business of bringing the educational tools needed to make professionals who are part of a successful company in Southeastern Michigan. Current leaders are in need of bringing some youth with ambition to their board. They search for new board members with drive and new ideas, with the ability to carry the torch, for the accomplishments and successes that have made their associations noteworthy locally, statewide and nationally. Nussbaum urged involvement and participation.

Part of Julius Ballanco’s keynote address at the ASSE/ ASPE Awards Banquet was about the training of future leaders. On another note, the John E. Matthews Scholarship Fund has helped four mechanical engineering students get through Matthews Scholarship Fund is in need of locating mechanical engineering students in the construction industry and may provide them with scholarship money.

The John E. Matthews Scholarship Fund is continuing to accept contributions. Contributions can be sent to the John E. Matthews Scholarship Fund in care of John Nussbaum or Dennis Matthews at 14801 West 8 Mile Road Detroit, Michigan 48235.

ASPE National and ASHRE are looking for eligible applicants. ASSE National will give scholarship money to members' sons or daughters attending college regardless of the career they are pursuing. However, they must be eligible when they apply. At the ASSE/ASPE Awards Banquet Julius Ballanco’s message regarded the skilled trades and mechanical engineers shortages for the Plumbing and Mechanical industry. After speaking about his own career, he praised the United Association for their dynamic training the industry.



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