Bell & Gossett BPX 2-inch Double-Wall Heat Exchanger

The newly released BPX 2-inch Double-Wall brazed plate heat exchanger is the latest addition to B&G’s comprehensive portfolio of highly efficient products. The patented double wall design offers the highest level of leak protection, safety and thermal efficiency for commercial building and water heating applications.

Breakthrough capabilities

  • True double-wall construction provides dependable protection of fresh water streams for cooling of oils and refrigerants – not just heat transfer surface.
  • The product launch expands B&G’s capacity offering from its current 1-inchBPX heat exchanger to deliver a maximum flow rate of 230 GPM.
  • The BPX 2-inch meets evolving plumbing code requirements for domestic water heating and is a low-cost alternative to more costly competitive products.

Complete design

  • The BPX 2-inch provides four dedicated leak detection ports and complete double-wall plate design, providing unique air vent leak paths that better detect leaks and ensuring premium leak protection.
  • A true dedicated air gap facilitates leak detection should a leak occur, ensuring system control.
  • Stainless steel plates are vacuum brazed together to form a durable, integral piece that can withstand high pressure and temperatures.
  • Complete peripheral braze provides additional mechanical strength and durability.
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Bell & Gossett

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