Bosch GBA18V63 CORE18V 6.3 Ah Battery

This battery offers power and performance while minimizing weight. The product employs advanced Lithium-ion technology to deliver 80 percent more power than previous generation batteries.

The product offers optimized cell technology and an improved power connector within the 10 high-density cells that ensure lower internal resistance. That means higher currents can be drawn from the cells over a longer period of time.

This battery delivers up to 20 percent longer runtime than previous-generation 6.0 Ah batteries and up to 50 percent longer than 5.0 Ah cells in extreme applications. Thanks to its next-generation cell technology and power efficiency, the CORE18V battery can generate more current to finish jobs that other batteries can't. In addition, it’s the most compact and lightweight high-power battery available.

The CoolPack 2.0 system employs advanced design to keep the battery cooler for better runtime and up to 135 percent longer battery life. In addition, this technology, combined with reduced resistance and higher efficiency, means that the battery is less likely to overheat during high-load applications.

These batteries provide 100 percent compatibility with all 18-volt Lithium-ion tools and chargers. 

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