Bradford White, Niles, Laars Commerical Electric Water Heaters​

Bradford White Corporation subsidiaries, Bradford White Water Heaters, Niles Steel Tank, and Laars Heating Systems now offer 150- to 2,500-gallon electric water heaters, from 12 to 162 kW that feature 150 psi ASME code glass lining, ASME temperature and PRV, internal fusing (above 120 amps) and magnesium anode rods.

The water heaters also offer immersion thermostats, manual reset high limit, hinged and locking door and channel iron skid base.  The water heaters are used in hospitals, apartments, dormitories, commercial laundry facilities and in areas with low gas availability.  The water heaters also come with a three-year limited tank warranty.  

This new large volume water heater complements Bradford White’s ElectriFlex Series of light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty field convertible models, to offer customers a wide range of commercial electric water heating solutions.  

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Bradford White

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