Bradley Introduces Verge with Washbar Technology

Verge is a new hand-washing system with all-in-one WashBar technology. This single cohesive and elegant design creates an inviting and intuitive space for a complete hand washing experience. Designed to enhance all the fundamentals of hand washing, the WashBar technology is comprised of a single piece of chrome-plated stainless steel that combines soap, water and dryer. LED lighting on the WashBar helps to visually orient the user through the hand washing process with easy to identify icons on top of the bar.

Features include an efficient one-gallon soap container that requires fewer refills. When the low level LED indicator illuminates, the soap container is simply replaced with a new full container.

The WashBar’s dryer is engineered to balance air flow and noise providing a better user experience. While its heated air stream dries hands quickly and efficiently, the dryer and bowl have been designed to work together to eliminate the spraying of water that could drip onto the floor or a user. Air speed is adjustable by the owner to manage applications in which a quieter dryer is required.

In addition, water is dispensed at 0.5 gpm although it is also available with an ultra-high efficiency flow rate of 0.35 gpm when water conservation is a necessity. WashBar technology also saves on maintenance costs with fewer soap refills, the elimination of paper towels, less wet floor clean up and less time emptying waste bins. The integrated and sleek designs of both the Verge basin and WashBar simplify cleaning.

Available in single-, 2- or 3-user models, this completely touchless hand washing fixture is ADA compliant; the convenient design makes it easier to clean, rinse and dry than traditional hand washing stations. The system makes an ideal choice for restrooms in a variety of applications:  retail, restaurants, airports, entertainment venues, colleges, office buildings, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, hospitality and more. 

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