Chicago Faucets Commander streamlines faucet maintenance and recordkeeping​

The Commander Handheld Programming Unit from Chicago Faucets allows users to easily program, monitor and maintain Chicago Faucets HyTronic® and E-Tronic® electronic faucets from the palm of their hands.

The diagnostics are easy to read, and step-by-step adjustment procedures are provided. Users can scan for faucets requiring attention, and when a faucet needs service, Commander will alert the user to perform diagnostics and field maintenance.

Facility and maintenance personnel can change and customize operating modes, adjust sensor range, monitor battery levels, identify serial numbers, settings and usage information, access the troubleshooting guide and obtain product information.

Commander comes with software pre-loaded for immediate faucet control. A touch screen interface gives the user access to multiple field-adjustable ranges and modes, making it easy to program a HyTronic or E-Tronic faucet to meet application requirements or user preferences. Optional desktop software allows data transfer via USB connection from the Commander unit to a PC to create usage and maintenance records.



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Chicago Faucets

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