CIPH survey finds wide-ranging responses to Canadian's attitudes toward water conservation

According to a recent national survey, 85 percent of Canadians reported using some form of water-saving technology while at the same time almost half didn't think that their water use will make much of a difference.

The survey, conducted for the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating, highlights several significant opinions about water use, including:

  • 45 percent of Canadians feel their impact on water use doesn't make a difference.
  • 27 percent, including most younger Canadians, "have other things to worry about" than conservation.
  • Just under 1 in 5 (19 percent) simply don't want to change their habits.
  • Almost half of Canadians (47 percent) cut back usage only to save money.
  • 14 percent feel Canada has "more than enough water."
  • 15 percent of Canadians aren't aware of technologies to save water.
  • 26 percent of Canadians think behavioural change is the best way to conserve water
  • 25 percent of Canadians think government incentives (financial or otherwise) would add motivation.

Within the notable range of responses, 85 percent of Canadians report using some form of water-saving technology, with high-efficiency washing machines, low flush/dual flush toilets, and low-flow shower heads being the most common. However, among Canadians who do not use water-saving technology, nearly half (46 percent) say it is because the technology options are too expensive, not realizing that there are many affordable options.

"While a significant number of Canadians seem to be making an effort to conserve our water resources, it's clear there is much more to be done to increase the awareness and importance of this issue," says Ralph Suppa, President and General Manager at the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating. "We all need to consider our routines and water use priorities."

On a regional level:

  • British Columbia residents (66 percent) are most likely to be motivated by protecting the environment.
  • Atlantic Canadians are the least likely to say they generally try not tobe wasteful (65 percent vs. 82 percent across the rest of Canada.)
  • Quebec residents are least likely to conserve water because Canada'ssupplies are limited (25 percent vs. 35 percent across the rest of the country.)





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