From coast to coast

By Aaron Gaynor and Ryan Wohlers

From coast to coast, the state of water conservation is changing the way people go green. In this article, we share insights on how we navigate our customers through choosing the right sustainable solutions to meet their needs.

Encouraging through education 

The EcoPlumbers team believes in the green business model, and developing a company mindset that allows for everyone to be excited about saving water and energy. We also work to shift our customers’ understanding of their individual role in environmental sustainability by educating them on all the ways they can go green. Combined, these methods can make a big impact on conservation.

We specifically like to educate our clients on toilets. Not everyone knows that toilets are one of the home’s biggest water wasters. So, it is important for us to increase awareness around the benefits of installing high-efficiency toilets in homes and businesses. In the past, some customers have been hesitant to install a low-flow toilet in fear they won’t work as well as their current toilet. This is a misconception my staff and I strive to correct for our customers. 
We know that high-efficiency toilets that don’t sacrifice performance do exist. The 0.8 GPF Single-Flush Stealth Toilet from Niagara Conservation, for example, is our leading recommendation due to its water-saving ability. EcoPlumbers has installed 14,000 of these toilets since 2007.

Custom service for consistent solutions 

With every service call, EcoPlumbers looks for opportunities to lower the carbon footprint and utility costs while also providing customizable offerings for our clients. We work with our customers to meet their needs and exceed their expectations through custom conservation solutions. 

Additionally, we feel passionate about conducting water audits to specifically pinpoint how each of our customers can use water more wisely. For our customers, whether they want to improve water quality, increase home value or implement eco-friendly solutions, we are always aiming to save the day and protect the future.

Reminders for reoccurring revenue

As water prices are doubling, even tripling, in certain markets, we understand that now, more than ever, homeowners and business owners are looking to reduce water consumption.

One way to reduce water consumption is through preventative checkups. Every six to 12 months, EcoPlumbers goes to homes to perform product upkeep. Notifying our clients of timely treatments has proven to keep fixtures running smoothly, improve customer satisfaction and reduce water and gas leakages. All of this has ultimately led to optimal water and energy savings.

Clued in on water quality

Technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Las Vegas are all trained to read the Las Vegas Valley Water District’s annual Water Quality Report. We have a very comprehensive understanding of local water quality and potential water issues that may arise in the Southwest U.S. region. Specifically, we know how the area’s water is treated on the way to our customers’ taps.

Since Las Vegas chlorinates its water, locals tend to seek an all-inclusive option for water filtration and conditioning that is also low-maintenance and eco-friendly. Therefore, we often install the Enviro Water Products Pro Combo System. This system is whole-house water treatment solution that filters chemicals and eliminates the negative effects of hard water without the use of salt or electricity. We know this system keeps our customers safe from potential water impurities, and by recommending it, we are able to further solidify and grow our business.  

Booming business

The Pitzer Company has nine franchises, including five Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchises and four One-Hour Air Conditioning & Heating franchises. By offering customers quality industry insights paired with eco-friendly solutions, the company is seeing steady growth.

Specifically for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Las Vegas, we’ve added two branches in Las Vegas and Prescott Valley, Arizona. We’ve gone from two to seven technicians since November 2015. Because we hire top-notch technicians who are well-versed in water conservation, we have developed a dependable reputation among our customers. We also always deliver our customers credible products on time, which is in large part due to our supplier Ferguson. 

Another way we boost our credibility and customer relations is by taking our passion for being green beyond our product offerings. We conduct majority of our day-to-day work through emails or iPads, including customer receipts; 90 percent of our business is paperless. This method enables us to reduce our environmental waste.

A booming business and reliable reputation allows our customers to feel confident they are getting the most professional and efficient service possible. Every day, we open our doors for customers and implement sustainable and smart options to exceed their plumbing needs.

Discount deals

Another way Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Las Vegas motivates the use of our sustainable solutions is by offering discounts and financing plans to qualifying customers. All law enforcement officers and active U.S. military personnel receive 20 percent off our services. 

Also, we offer bundle packages and services. If a customer is remodeling a bathroom, we can offer them a toilet, showerhead and bath aerator (faucet) at a bundle price that is cheaper than buying the products individually. This allows our customers to save money upfront as well as in the long run, since we offer top water- and energy-saving products that have the ability to drastically cut customers’ utility bill costs. Whether a customer is looking for an aesthetically pleasing package or one that is the most environmentally friendly, we deliver.

Furthermore, we charge by the job compared to charging by the hour. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Las Vegas’ “StraightForward Pricing” appeals to our customers because it shows consistency in our deliverables and price points. The more we can please our customers, the more we can form trusting relationships to influence buyer decisions that are eco-friendly and serve to conserve our Earth’s valuable resources. 

Aaron Gaynor, owner of The EcoPlumbers in Columbus, Ohio, became a Licensed Green Plumber in 2009. He was named the 2013 National Green Plumber of the Year Award by Green Plumbers USA. EcoPlumbers are based in Columbus, Ohio and Ft. Myers, Florida. Gaynor can be reached at

Ryan Wohlers, branch manager for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Las Vegas, has nearly 13 years of industry experience. As a highly-skilled, expertly-trained plumbing contractor, Wohlers accepts any challenge and excels as a critical force behind business’s 24/7 successes. He can be reached at

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