Contractor to re-do water lines at Iowa casino that don't meet code​

Barney Barnhill, Davenport alderman and mayor pro tem, said he doesn't think there is any support from the city council for granting a waiver for the PVC pipe already installed.

Work on a $110 million land-based casino project should not be delayed despite contractors being forced to redo about 2,500 feet of below-code water line work already covered in concrete.

At an Aug. 27 city code board of appeals and review, Steve Leavitt, a representative of the casino's builder, Baxter Construction, based out of Des Moines, Iowa, requested a code variance to permit PVC pipe to be used for water lines. He said the pipe was already installed on the project.

Davenport city code requires underground water pipe to be ductile iron or copper.

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