Danfoss LX205T Wi-Fi Touch Thermostat with user-friendly control

The LX205T Wi-Fi Touch Thermostat is designed for electric under floor heating applications, and can control LX Floor Warming Mats, LX Floor Warming Cables, or the TX Thermal Trace electric heating products.

With a 3.5-inch high-resolution color touch screen, the thermostat features an updated design and intuitive control, and enables remote access to the system via apps for iOS and Android — making it convenient for the user to adjust and monitor the system from any location. The Wi-Fi Touch Thermostat is also programmable, allowing the user to set predetermined times for the under floor heating system to turn on and off, enabling occupants to benefit from warm floors when the space is occupied and save energy when the space is empty. By default, the thermostat controls ambient temperature and protects the floor against overheating.

Additional features of the thermostat include a five-year battery backup of clock and calendar and easy installation.

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