DiversiTech acquires Quick-Sling

DiversiTech Corp., has purchased Quick-Sling LLC., a manufacturer of mounting products for residential, commercial and industrial HVAC equipment

The acquisition, completed April 12, provides wholesalers and contractors with greater accessibility to a suite of products that makes installation of air handlers and furnaces quicker, more affordable, more reliable and safer. 

Quick-Sling, founded in 2011 and based in Massachusetts, makes products that come 80 percent already assembled, saving the contractor valuable time and money. 

In addition, Quick-Sling mounting products are rigorously engineered and tested. Moreover, Quick-Sling Super Stand models are seismic-certified (when instructions are followed) and have an outstanding safety overturning factor compared with similar systems.

All Quick-Sling products are manufactured in the U.S. and patented for their engineering innovation.Quick-Sling employs more 30 people, including 16 expert fabricators, who can also develop custom products for customers. 

DiversiTech’s acquisition of Quick-Sling is the company’s third acquisition in the past five months.

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