DiversiTech Introduces Sentry Locking Caps Line

The Sentry Locking Caps full line of refrigerant locking safety caps work with access ports on any HVAC system and refrigeration equipment.

Each locking cap is color-coded for easy identification and to prevent accidental mixing of refrigerant gases. Featuring an anodized aluminum casing and a threaded brass insert, the caps are tamper resistant and can withstand the harshest weather. 

The line helps contractors meet new state and local safety requirements for outdoor HVAC/R access ports.

For systems with R-410 refrigerant, contractors can choose two Red locking cap models in either a ¼ inch or a 5/16 inch size. For systems with R-22 refrigerant, a Green ¼ inch cap is available. The complete line also contains a Universal Silver locking cap in a ¼ inch size that can be used on a variety of service ports. Each model can be purchased in either a 4-10- or 50-piece pack. The Universal cap is also available in a 500-piece pack. 

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