Dominate your dance

“Mama! Dada! It’s Christmas morning! It’s Christmas morning!” Mason screamed at the top of his lungs at 6:00 a.m. at the foot of our bed. 

I opened my one eye and shot my wife, Azure, that look. That it-can’t-be-morning-already look as I mumbled under my breath. 

Before I could open up my other eye, Mason and I were nose-to-nose as he asked, "Dada, are you awake? Are you awake yet?” 

I laughed and replied, “Yes, Mason I am awake.” 

My wife and I kissed and hugged each other. Mason and Norman and wished each of us a Merry Christmas.Before we knew it, we were covered in wrapping paper, loud toys, tape and bulldog drool. Norman loved tearing up all that paper. 

“Mason, I can’t believe Santa gave you all of these gifts!” I said. 

"I know Dada, I must have been good to deserve all of these toys!" he replied. 

I looked at my wife and gave her the that’s-debatable look. 

“Dada, wears Mama’s gift? Was she good enough like me to get a gift?” Mason asked. 

I began to laugh and responded, “I think she’s been good, what do you think?” 

Mason nodded with excitement. 

“Well I didn’t get a chance to wrap her gift so why don’t I whisper in your ear and then you can tell her what the gift is,” I said. 

Mason then ran over and threw his head into my nose. He whispered, “OK, tell me.”  

I whispered into his ear, and his eyes lit up with excitement. He ran over to Azure, whispered into her ear and the tears began to flow from my wife’s face.

Was it a car? A trip to Bermuda? A spa getaway? Nope. However, those would create tears of joy this gift was believe it or not right up there with the above options. 

“Oh my god, Sean, really? ‘Dancing with the Stars Live’ tour tickets?” I smiled ear-to-ear and gave her a hug.

Making her happy is one of the greatest feelings. 

“But who will watch Mason for us?” She quickly asked. 

“Don’t worry. I got it covered,” I replied.

Of course, the night of the show I got stuck on a job. If it could go wrong, it certainly did. I managed to finish up the heater and raced home to get to the show in plenty of time. I took one of the quickest showers and threw on some clothes. Next thing, the doorbell rang, and it was one of Mason’s uncles, my younger brother, Brendan. Mason went bonkers, jumping up and down, running left and right, and showing  Brendan of his new toys from Santa. We gave Brendan the thumbs up and headed out the door, excited for our date night out. 

After a wonderful dinner and a few Grey Goose martinis, we made our way into the theater for the "Dancing with the Stars Live" show. I got some snacks, drinks and a show program for my wife.We found our seats and the show began. As I looked around, I began to notice that almost every woman in the theater had a boyfriend or husband right by her side. Each of the women smiled and glowed. 

As for the men, they looked on trying not show too much excitement, because they wouldn’t want to appear interested in a dancing show. I quietly laughed to myself and looked to my wife as her smile was still stuck in place. I then turned my focus back to the stage as my attention was quickly captured by this one dancer. She came out onto the stage and she demanded the attention with her unbelievable talent. I don’ t know much about dancing, however, I know that when this woman stepped onto the stage, she owned the dance floor.

Confidence, drive, passion, determination are just a few words to describe this dancer and her abilities. Our seats were not the best, as they were a good distance from the stage, but I knew immediately when she was off or on the stage. 

I leaned over to my wife and whispered, “Who is that up there?” 

She knew exactly who I was talking about. She said, “Jenna Johnson.” 

I  said, “She’s incredible!” 

My wife looked surprised but satisfied that I was paying attention and seemed to be enjoying myself. As I watched throughout the evening, I quickly became inspired by Jenna Johnson’s skills and passion, and I knew exactly what I was going to write for my next article. 

Should I? Shouldn’t I? I kept debating whether or not I should write a piece about my experience at the show. Well, as you can tell, I’ve decided to write about it! But why? If you take a look at people like Jenna, and how she’s become so successful in her industry, it’s most likely because of her hard work, passion, drive, dedication, love and determination for becoming the best dancer in her space. 

Well, the same applies for our industry. As you read this article, I don’t care if you are a plumber or not, you should learn something from this piece. To get noticed out there and become the best at what you do, you must apply the hard work, passion, creativity, drive and love for your skill or trade. I am driven every day to run the most successful plumbing business in my region. My goal is to dominate my space, in my plumbing business, writing, product development, etc. Whatever it is for you, take action and demand the attention you deserve. You must become obsessed with whatever it is you want to become extremely successful. 

To help keep me motivated throughout the day, I created an inspiration band that I wear everyday around my wrist. It reads, “Dominate your space.” 
It’s a friendly reminder to keep me motivated and driven to be the best in my sector. Do whatever  gets you motivated. It may very well may be reading this article. For me it was that Tuesday evening being blown away and inspired by a dancer. It may be a book, music, athlete or something or someone you may never have thought would motivate you. 

However you get motivated, take the feeling, harness it and take action. I hope this article  has helped ignite a fire within you to go out there and dominate the dance of your choice! Thank you Jenna Johnson for the inspiration you shared on stage through your love for dance. 

Sean McCormack is co-owner of BMC Plumbing and Heating Inc. He can be reached by email at; phone 845-596-7770; Twitter @seantheplumber1; and Periscope @seantheplumber. Visit Sean’s website at

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