Dormont announces SmartSense technology

Dormont upheld its safety-first initiative by announcing its new SmartSense Excess Flow Valve & Thermal Shutoff device.

Designed to help protect against excessive gas flows, gas-related fires, and even explosions, SmartSense’s advanced dual-sensing technology sets new industry standards for ensuring residential gas appliance connection safety. SmartSense features an internal valve mechanism that automatically reduces gas flow in the event of a dangerous downstream gas line rupture. Gas flow to the in-home appliance is thereby restricted until an upstream manual shutoff valve is closed or the gas leak is repaired. Once fixed, SmartSense automatically resets and a normal gas flow is restored to the appliance. It also includes thermal shutoff capabilities to detect increased temperatures and terminate gas flow, thereby minimizing or preventing damages within your home. Each valve, constructed with an internal sensing ring, activates and automatically stops gas flow to your in-home appliance when exposed to temperatures between 350°F and 425°F.

The SmartSense is easily installed and remains compatible with modern residential gas appliances. Both CSA design-certified and California DSA-listed, the device can be mounted either horizontally or vertically with gas appliances.

To learn more, visit Dormont.

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