Duke Progress exits HVAC repair business leaving some customers hot and bothered

An affiliate of Duke Energy is discontinuing its HVAC repair business leaving long-time customers who’ve paid into the program disappointed to learn that other customers who signed up for fewer than 12 months will be getting a full refund, according to an article published June 29 in The News & Observer.

“Such is the luck of the draw in unregulated services offered by public utilities, not just in North Carolina but all over the country,” reports John Murawski. “These adjunct services are not subject to oversight by the N.C. Utilities Commission because repairing and maintaining appliances is not a regulated monopoly service.”

The Duke Energy Progress HVAC repair program is being discontinued Aug. 31. The program covers up to $2,000 a year in heating and cooling repairs.

The program was started in 2010. It charged $17.99 a month for heating and cooling repairs. For households with multiple heating and cooling units, the cost to insure the second unit is $15.99. The program also offers a $9.99-a-month option to insure heating units only. Service call fees are $35.

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