Eemax offers contractor partners new rewards program

Waterbury, Conn. – Eemax, supplier of tankless water heater solutions, launches a new program that rewards contractors every time an Eemax HomeAdvantage II water heater from an authorized distributor is purchased.

This Eemax Contractor Rewards Program provides a new opportunity for contractors to earn rebates -- Eemax will pay a bonus of $20 to $50, depending on the model, for each HomeAdvantage II tankless water heater from October, 2014 through September 30, 2015.

“As we continue to expand our tankless water heater innovation offerings, our contractor partners are critical to our success,” said Kevin Ruppelt, Eemax president and CEO. “We want to reward contractors for helping us bring Eemax products to market by offering generous revenue.”

Eemax HomeAdvantage II tankless water heaters are up to 90% smaller than a water heater tank, allowing placement anywhere hot water is needed. By providing endless hot water on demand, any time wanted, HomeAdvantage II advanced heating technology gives hot water more reliably without wasting energy. With its patented self-modulating technology, it only uses the necessary amount of energy to heat the water needed, nothing more.

Details of the Eemax Contractor’s Reward Program can be found at


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