Ellen Rohr To Present Free Business Seminar at AHR Expo

Ellen Rohr

Ellen Rohr, PHC News columnist and well-known business consultant, will present a free seminar, “Business UN-Complicated,” Jan. 30 from 1-3 p.m. in seminar room N243 during the 2017 AHR Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“For almost 30 years, I’ve been in business, studying business, and learning from some really bright minds,” Rohr says. “What I’ve discovered is business can be so much simpler, and more profitable, than we are making it! And a simple, un-fussy plan makes all the difference.”

Rohr says attendees will not only discover how to UN-complicate their businesses, but UN-leash their lives. In the space of the two-hour seminar, which is sponsored by Bradford White, Rohr will help attendess assemble their own custom plans:

  • Setting Sight. What do you want? Why? How will you know when you have “made it?”
  • Building the Team. Who does what?  Get this cleared up and save sooo much time and anguish.
  • Making Money. How much do you want? What will you need to charge?
  • Getting it Sold. How to create a sales-focused culture…without insulting your soul.
  • Getting it Done. Discover a sure-fire system for getting more done by letting your team in on the game.
  • Making Sure. Are you on the right track? How do you get back on track? It’s all about asking and answering the right questions.

“I’ll share ways to create your UN-Business Plan,” Rohr adds, “and make more money, with less hassle and greater freedom. We’ll do some exercises together, and build on what you are already doing that works for you.”

To register for Rohr’s free seminar, click here.





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