Enviro Water Products appoints Bailey Sales as new manufacturer sales rep agency for Northwest region

Enviro Water Products, a manufacturer of technologically advanced, environmentally friendly water filtration and conditioning solutions, selected Bailey Sales & Associates as its manufacturer sales rep serving key areas on the west coast including Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho, Montana and Alaska.  Bailey Sales was incorporated in 1956 and serves as a sales, marketing and service agency with more than 25 employees in roles ranging from outside sales representatives to warehouse and purchasing personnel. 

Enviro Water Products provides an array of professional grade water filtration and conditioning solutions. Options range from the Enviro Water Products Pro Combo System with a three-stage Carbon Series whole-house water filter and the cutting-edge NaturSoft System salt-free water conditioner to the Water Heater Shield that protects water heaters from sediment, scale and corrosion by filtering and pre-treating the water prior to it entering the unit.

“It’s an exciting time at Bailey Sales as we recently merged with Reid Pacific, further strengthening our agency, and we have added top lines such as Enviro Water Products to provide us with solid growth opportunities as we know water quality is top-of-mind and providing bottled water quality from every tap is important to the end-user,” noted Rick Root, principal at Bailey Sales. “Also, certain areas we cover have aggressive municipal water supplies that can create scale build up impacting the efficiency and functionality of water appliances like water heaters, but Enviro’s product line helps combat those issues.”

“We are thrilled about our new partnership with Bailey Sales as the agency is well known in the region for their high level of professionalism and in-depth industry experience,” noted Ronald Lemme, regional sales manager, West, Enviro Water Solutions LLC. “We also know that our mission aligns well with their organization as we both focus on delivering high quality products and excellent customer service.” 

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