General’s Typhoon Trailer Jet​

The Typhoon trailer jet from General Pipe Cleaners blows away blockages in big lines and long runs. The Typhoon delivers 12 gallons a minute at 2,500 psi to blast lines clean of grease, sediment and debris from 4- to 12-inch lines up to 400 feet long. A 200-gallon holding tank carries enough water to handle remote applications where access to water is limited. 

The Typhoon boasts electric brakes, safety strobe light, safety cones, rear fold-down stabilizer jacks, retractable hose guide arm, and antifreeze system as standard equipment. 

Its reliable 690 cc (24 hp) Honda engine with electric start and 7-gallon fuel tank ensures extended performance on stubborn stoppages. On-demand “Vibra-pulse” helps slide the nozzle around tight bends, and propel the hose down long lines. 

Two hose reels – a jet hose reel with 400 feet x ½-inch capacity featuring variable speed electric rewind, and a water supply hose reel carrying 150 foot x ¾-inch hose – are mounted at the rear of the unit next to the pressure gauge and output valve. Engine controls, including an hour meter, are mounted within easy reach in the lockable tool box with slide action doors just below the reels.

General’s Typhoon trailer jet rides on rugged 15-inch radial tires with modular wheels and a leaf-spring suspension rated at 3500 pounds per axle. A splash guard at the front helps protect the pump and engine from road debris. And the body is protected by a tough epoxy finish for added weather protection. The Typhoon is also available in a skid mount model.

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General Pipe Cleaners

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