Geno Caccia installed as president of PHCC of California​

Geno Caccia

Caccia is riding point on the PHCC of California 'Ride & Decide' Program, partnering PHCC Member Contractors with high school students during the summer for a 6-week 'Ride & Decide' work project.​

Geno Caccia, CEO of James Caccia Plumbing Inc. was installed as President of the Board of Directors at the annual PHCC of California conference, PHCC WEST 2016 in Lake Tahoe, CA on May 14, 2016.  Caccia has served on the PHCC of California State Board alongside the industry leaders in plumbing-heating-cooling contracting for 5 years.  An active participant in the development and maintenance of a successful state association as well, Caccia is leading the way on the PHCC of California Ride & Decide workforce development program, implemented to solve the current issue of lack of skilled trained workers in the plumbing-heating-cooling trades.

During his tenure, Caccia has performed the duties of Committee Chair, Director, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President, and has served as Chairman to the Government Affairs Committee.  Representing PHCC of California with our elected representatives both in Washington DC and California at multiple events, Caccia most recently attended the PHCC National Legislative Day in Washington DC, sharing with our elected representatives issues affecting the merit shop contractor in California and specifically, the need for career technical education and workforce development.  Caccia states, 'The Government Affairs committee plays a vital role in bringing awareness to legislators about the PHCC Contractor Member's knowledge, value, and commitment to quality.'

A pro-active leader in innovation, Caccia is riding point on the PHCC of California 'Ride & Decide' Program, partnering PHCC Member Contractors with high school students during the summer for a 6-week 'Ride & Decide' work project. A critical shortage of a skilled trained workforce in California spurred this program, and Ride & Decide enables students to 'earn as they learn' and decide if a career in the trades is right for them alongside quality PHCC Contractor Members whose philosophy 'Best People. Best Practices' allow students to see the best the plumbing-heating-cooling trade has to offer.

Caccia published his initial successes with Ride & Decide on Facebook, and they've quickly gone viral, approaching 8,000 views.  He combines a tenacious work ethic with a modern acumen geared toward social media and engagement which creates excitement among his board members and chapter members across the state.  Caccia states, 'I personally believe our industry will get stronger if we are able to work together, share knowledge, and implement best practices.  We will be able to achieve these goals through continued education on the local level, improving the recruiting process for the next generation of plumbers and HVAC contractors and always taking on challenges with innovative solutions.'  Caccia's mantra is 'Failure Is Not An Option'.  He says, 'Our experienced technicians are retiring, and we are facing a critical shortage of workers to accept their handed down knowledge.  Passing on knowledge is the tradesman's way, and it is our responsibility to see that this knowledge is passed on to our future generations'.

The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Association has been an integral part of Caccia's career from the inception of his professional career.  Caccia is a graduate of the PHCC of California GSA Apprenticeship program, has been a member of PHCC for over 18 years, a QSC member for five, and contributed as a board member to his local chapter, PHCC of San Francisco & San Mateo Counties, moving through the chairs of Director, Treasurer, Vice President and President. Caccia has developed and continues to host a monthly training meeting for all PHCC members and their staff.   Their members regularly share every aspect of the James Caccia Plumbing, Inc. operation to improve the local industry.  Caccia says that the most important aspect of his volunteer efforts have been the lifelong friends he's made with his fellow PHCC and QSC members. Geno is clear on the fact that the relationships built through his association involvement is directly responsible for the growth of his late father's single truck company founded in 1979 to the 22 truck operation it is today.

James Caccia Plumbing, Inc. is a service, repair, and installation company that has consistently stayed true to their values.  A true family affair, the business is run with Caccia's brother, sister, mother, and 30+ "extended family" members.  Together they have created a well-respected and successful operation.  Family is everything to Caccia, as shown by his devotion to his wife Susan and three young children, Gemma, Angelina & Giovanni.

A community activist, Caccia states that active involvement is one of his keys to success.  Participating with the local Burlingame Lions Club, the local Italian Club, providing educational sponsorships to local students and mentoring young businesspeople in their area has enriched their relationships with the community.  The Caccia's are strong believers in the 'teach a man to fish' philosophy... that their success can only truly be measured by helping others to achieve success as well.  Assisting community members to be stronger, more successful business people elevates the industry and community, and James Caccia Plumbing, Inc. is proud to continue this tradition established by their late father.

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