Gerber’s Avalanche toilet backs up performance with video demonstration​

4,600 grams of water balloons.

Gerber is on a mission to dispel the myth that water-efficient toilets cannot perform well. The brand’s recent demonstration video features its leading Avalanche toilet, which operates at 1.28 gallons per minute/4.8 liters per minute.

In the video, the WaterSense-certified Avalanche comfortably flushes 4,600 grams of water balloons (4-5 times more than what is required to earn the certification).

“Obviously there’s a science that goes into a toilet configuration, especially when you only have 1.28 gallons per flush to work with,” said Lovin Saini, Gerber’s senior product manager. “But a major contributor to our performance is the FluidMaster components we use (fill valve and 3-inch flush valve), as well as a fully glazed trapway, dual fed siphon jet and much more.”

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