Gorilla line of pressing tools

Designed for joining pipe safely by eliminating the need for an open flame and a hot work permit on the jobsite, this product features two separate tool platforms: the inline battery pressing tool (INLNPRESS-TOOL19kN) and the pistol grip battery powered pressing tool (PSTLPRESS-TOOL32KN). Both tools press watertight connections in three to four seconds and can be used while a system is still wet, so the contractor does not have to drain the system and wait for it to dry before pressing. The inline pressing tool has a fitting capacity of 1-1/2" (38.1mm) on PEX and 1-1/4" (31.8mm) on copper and stainless steel, and the pistol grip pressing tool has a fitting capacity of 2" (50.8mm) on PEX and 4" (101.6mm) on copper and stainless steel. The tools have a patented twist and release pin. The kits come with four jaws for the inline and six for the pistol grip. These pressing tools are designed with autostop technology, which automatically stops the piston when the optimal force is reached.

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Greenlee Textron Inc.

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