Grinder pump

The Shark Fractional Horsepower Grinder Series is designed to handle difficult residential and small commercial applications where sewage ejectors struggle, these 115volt, 12 amp maximum (807) circuit, all cast iron pumps represent  the world’s first integral automatic grinder. Available in 1/2hp (803), 3/4hp (805) and 1HP (807) models, these pumps offer performance head up to 55 feet. Oil filled for optimal heat dissipation, each model offers three independent cutting channels.Patented Tri-Slice Cutter Technology provides over 300,000 cuts per minute, meaning flushable wipes, sanitary napkins, disposable and cloth diapers and other debris found in today’s typical home are no match for this energy efficient series. Grinders are available in automatic and non-automatic versions. 

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