Haws Integrated Performance Series

Haws Integrated™, a tempered water solutions provider for emergency response equipment, has expanded its product catalog. The new Performance Series is a standardized lineup of their robust tepid water system offering. The updated models provide price and resource efficient tempered water solutions for emergency eyewashes and/or shower units. The lineup has multiple standardized and customizable configurations, reduced lead time, enhanced maintenance safety features, anti-scald protection, and provides ANSI Z358.1-2014 compliance during the entire required 15-minute flushing cycle.

Performance Series models (8710, 8720, 8730, 8760, 8780, 8785) are fully assembled and tested for reliability and are designed to operate with a number of electrical and blending capability options to provide the ultimate in victim comfort.

In addition, the new outdoor overhead tank combination shower and eye/face wash (model 8720) is the only product on the market with superior weather testing from -20°F/-29°C to 100°F/38°C and is suitable for use in Seismic Zone C. The unit maintains ANSI Z358.1-2014 compliance for the full 15-minute flush requirements for water pressure, flow, temperature and access as a stand-alone.


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Haws Integrated

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