Hilti Laser PD-C

Messy paper trails can really slow you down, especially when you have a lot of jobsite areas to visit.  The new Hilti Laser range meter PD-C is here to help.  The PD-C captures and saves measurement data directly onto digital photographs taken by an integrated camera and laser module.  Users can document jobsites, add comments, and export data into a single report. Digitize the entire measurement process from capturing measurements, to adding context to these measurements, and finally connecting your device and sharing this valuable data – all with one easy-to-use tool. The PD-C features 4GB of memory and can store over 3000 measurements with pictures.  Simply point, shoot and mark dimensions directly onto the photo.  One person is able to accurately measure heights to ceiling and long distances up to 656 ft.  The PD-C makes it easy to document where and what you measured so you can report issues, plan material orders, or collaborate more effectively.


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