Legend HyperPure PE-RT Tubing is 100 Percent Recyclable

HyperPure is the first flexible plastic hot and cold potable water tube that is 100 percent recyclable. This is because HyperPure is made using a patented bimodal resin which is the first polyethylene that does not need to be cross-linked while meeting and exceeding the rigorous potable water standards of the United States.

It is strong; flexible and easy to use; and pure, tasteless and odorless requiring no flushing.

HyperPure is available in ¼- to 2-inch coils and 20-foot lengths.

Legend is using Hypertherm 2399 PE-RT resin made by The Dow Chemical Co. to manufacture HyperPure PE-RT (Polyethylene Raised Temperature) in Auburn Hills, Mich. 

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