MCA Chicago becomes first local association to contribute $500,000 to MCREF​

The Mechanical Contractors Association became the first local association to contribute $500,000 to the MCAA’s Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation. The foundation was founded in 1989 to provide needed education and research programs or products that MCAA either could not or should not undertake.

“MCA Chicago is firmly committed to the guiding concepts of the Foundation,” said  MCA Executive Vice President Jill McCall, “and we are pleased to be the first local affiliate to attain the half-million dollar mark in helping to pursue these goals. We hope that in doing so, we encourage other affiliate organizations to participate financially in this worthwhile enterprise.”

Upon recently completing their $375,000 pledge, the MCA Chicago Board of Directors decided to renew their pledge for another 10 years, this time for $125,000.

“We are surprised by the enormous generosity of this donation, and grateful for MCA Chicago’s involvement and desire to grow the education and research programs in this industry,” said Mark Rogers, president of MCERF. “They have demonstrated how deep their commitment to education in the industry goes.”



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