McKinstry develops ‘district energy’ system to heat Amazon facility with waste heat from data centers​

McKinstry Project Manager Adam Myers explains the workings of a new "district energy" system in the Westin Building in Downtown Seattle. reports on an inventive new system to heat Amazon’s new campus in a Seattle, Wash., that will be heated by otherwise wasted warmth from data center in a building across the street.

The specifics of the design, combined with the fact that it required collaboration between the city, Amazon, Clise Properties (which owns the Westin Building) and McKinstry to make it happen, makes it a one-of-a-kind system, said Ash Awad, vice president, energy and facility services for McKinstry.

"This is the first really large high-rise project that has been able to take advantage of this amount of waste heat," Awad said during an event to showcase the project. "It's first of its kind, and that's pretty monumental relative to what is going and what could happen."

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