Mestek announces standardization of galvanized steel baseboard

Westfield, Mass. – Sterling Residential Hydronics, a division of Mestek, Inc., announces the standardization of galvanized steel across all brands of Mestek residential hydronic baseboard. Mestek is North America’s largest manufacturer of baseboard radiation with products marketed and sold under the following brand names:

•Embassy Industries
•Sterling Residential Baseboard
•Classic Baseboard 
•Petite 7
•Argo Baseboard 
•Heatrim American

Through the use of a two phase state-of-the-art manufacturing process
With the standardization of galvanized steel, Mestek, Inc. takes the esthetically pleasing and clean-heat performance of residential baseboards to unprecedented levels of durability. 

During phase one, all critical components of the baseboard including the vane, front and back plates are hot-dip galvanized through an environmentally friendly no-lead process, increasing rust corrosion resistance above that of traditional processes. 

Phase two incorporates a beautiful paint finish process which further increases corrosion resistance and durability, providing users with a life-time solution to their hydronic heating needs. 

Mestek’s versatile hydronic heating products are the perfect solution for all areas of the home including high moisture areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and even basements.


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