M&G DuraVent recipient of Vesta Award

Vacaville, CA - M&G DuraVent is the proud recipient of the prestigous Vesta Award.

The award was for the DirectVent Pro Horizontal Termination (DVA-H2) product. Matt Bertler, Director of R&D, led the team that designed and engineered the new innovative product.

“The DirectVent Pro Horizontal Termination (DVA-H2) includes improvements that have an impact through the supply chain, including our OEM partners, distributors, retailers, installers and home owners. The response across the board has been very positive, which is rewarding to see! Receiving the Vesta Award recognizes DuraVent’s commitment to innovation”, stated Matt Bertler.

In designing the DVA-H2, the engineering team took a fresh look at an established product and sought out new ways to improve it’s functionality. By actively participating in round table discussions, actively listening to what the market needed, investing in new test techniques, and fostering creative collobaration; the team produced a truly innovative DirectVent solution.

The new DirectVent Pro Horizontal Termination incorporates interchangeable and customizable shrouds, allowing customers the flexibility to tailor the look of the termination. Shrouds will be available in a variety of materials and/or designs. The heart of the termination is a patent pending combustion air control. This control reduces the need for internal appliance baffling, and allows for improved combustion performance across a variety of gas burning direct vent appliances. The external footprint has been minimized to achieve an 11” x 11” for both 4 x 6 and 5 x 8

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