Milwaukee Tool Rolling Bags

Milwaukee Tool continues to expand its storage solutions with the introduction of the 18-inch Jobsite Rolling Bag and 24-inch HARDTOP Rolling Bag. The new rolling bags are designed from the ground-up to address the needs of professionals who need the most durable mobile solution to transport tools, accessories, and other materials to and from the jobsite.

Constructed with 1680D ballistic material, everything about the new Rolling Bags has been specifically designed to withstand the jobsite environment. Six-inch metal-rimmed, all-terrain wheels allow the bags to easily roll over a variety of rough surfaces, and a metal through-axle secures the wheel providing a stronger connection and longer life in jobsite conditions. All-metal skid plates provide additional protection for the wheels and axle from impacts or when climbing stairs

One of the most common frustrations users have with other rolling bags available today is the weakness of the handles. To address this concern, Milwaukee designed its own industrial-grade extension handle for the rolling bags, which is designed to survive in tough jobsite environments. The wider handle also produces a more comfortable grip during transportation.

Exclusive to the 24-inch HARDTOP Rolling Bag is a HARDTOP lid built for stacking. The HARDTOP is designed to withstand up to 250 pounds making this the ideal solution for users who also like to use the bag as a dolly. The 18-inch Jobsite Rolling Bag is designed to carry up to 200 pounds and is optimized to fit in a job box.

In addition to their extreme durability, the new rolling bags have also been optimized to provide maximum storage capability and versatility. Each comes equipped with a large assortment of pockets to meet an array of tool and accessory storage needs – the 18-inch Jobsite Rolling Bag with 66 pockets and the 24-inch HARDTOP Rolling Bag with 53. The main compartment provides a place to store larger tools, while a fold-down front portion of the bag reveals additional tool and equipment storage pockets. A dedicated puncture-resistant pocket provides a convenient storage area for sharp tools, such as jab saws, so they won’t cut up the interior of the bag.

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