New Year's makeover

There I was staring down at the very healthy spread of hors d’oeuvres, which lay in front of me on top of the fold away table.

"Hmm, do I want some pigs in a blanket? Maybe stuffed mushrooms? Taco dip smothered in cheese with Doritos? Or a beautiful colorful spread of vegetables with a low fat Greek Yogurt dip?" I asked myself.

I grabbed my paper plate and loaded it up with all of the above, minus the veggies. I made my way outside to the beer cooler, grabbed a cold one and my night was ready to begin. I surveyed the room and began my usual New Year's Eve chit-chat sessions.

"So, have any New Year’s resolutions?" I inquired.

Every response was pretty much the same. Go on a diet, stop smoking, and exercise more.

At least that's what I think I remember was being said, because I was in the zone chowing down on my delicious 'healthy' food.

The night went on with more chit-chat, drinking, partying and laughter. The big ball dropped, confetti sprayed the air, horns blew in my ears, and before I knew it the sun was glowing on my face. I was ready to nurse my lovely hangover.

I covered my head with my pillow and thought to myself, "This is definitely no way to start out a new year!"

It's amazing how many people are in my very same situation each New Year's Day. I am in no way saying you shouldn't drink, eat, laugh and have some fun. However, starting a new year in bed isn't the best way to kick things off!

Don't be like the average New Year’s Day person starting a new year feeling miserable. Let's be honest, we've ALL been there before! Switch it up this year and get your business off to a great start! As my fellow Phc News Columnist Ellen Rohr always says, "hit the ground running!"

Plumber's wife turned business makeover expert

I pulled my seat up to the computer with my coffee in hand, becoming anxious and nervous as my wife and I waited for the first session to begin with Ellen.

"Hello! Good morning, Sean and Azure! It's Ellen!" she said.

I thought, "Wow! This woman has some serious energy. I like it!"

Mind you, it's 7:00a.m. Eastern Standard Time and where Ellen is, its 6:00a.m.! I quickly sat up in my seat looked at my wife Azure, smiled and nodded. It was go time!

The two-hour session was over before we knew it, and my wife and I were ready to conquer anything! It was my wife's first time diving into the family business, and she was ready to take on the responsibilities of the book keeping for BMC Plumbing.

My wife and I were somewhat reluctant at first when we signed up with Ellen, however, that quickly changed the moment we spoke with her. She instilled confidence in my wife and I, and after that first call we were on a high! We first began our business meeting with Ellen back in April 2014, and we are just about finishing up with her now in January. I can't begin to tell you how helpful she has been for BMC Plumbing and Heating. We understand more about book keeping and financials than we ever could imagine.

For all of you out there that think, "I don't need help in this department of my business. My secretary and I are doing just fine."

Trust me guys, there is always room for improvement in your company. I am always in the field working with my hands, and I still learn something new every day. I can't believe how much I've learned thus far about our financial situations in the office. It has made our company much more aware of where are money is being made and where we are spending it. If there is one thing to add to your New Year’s resolution list this year, it's picking up that phone or hopping onto the computer and contacting Ellen Rohr.

So, in a nutshell, what am I suggesting here in this article? Not to drink alcohol and eat horrible food? No, enjoy it! However, when it comes to your plumbing, heating or HVAC company this New Year, try something new.

Get a fresh start, and a new beginning to 2015. I think contacting Ellen is a wonderful, smart way to hit the ground running this year. Instead of going through your same old routines, shake away that 2014 business hangover, bypass those greasy foods, and pick up those veggies instead. Kick off your 2015 by getting your financial situation off to a great start! l


Sean McCormack is co-owner of BMC Plumbing and Heating Inc. He can be reached at, or (845) 596-7770. Visit

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