Nexstar Network Welcomes New Training Manager Michael Jahnl

Michael Jahnl will take over Nexstar's training manager role.

Nexstar Network has announced the hiring of Michael Jahnl for its training manager role.

Jahnl has 15 years of experience in training and communications, having held positions in radio and broadcasting, the medical field and at Fortune 100 companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations and crisis communication and a master’s degree in organizational, strategic and crisis communication from North Dakota State University. He also has 10 FEMA certifications, the majority focusing on business continuity.

“I see communication similar to playing chess: playful, yet strategic and global,” Jahnl said. “It happens in real time, creating perceptions that influence your brand, often with lasting effect. Thus, every message you send, everything you say has an outcome—whether it has the desired effect, though, is where strategy and mindfulness come in play.”

Jahnl said he is excited to work for Nexstar and its members because together, they reach consumers in their homes and reorient the standards to which customers have become accustomed. This then improves the perspective of the trades as a whole.

Nexstar Director of Training Keith Mercurio said Jahnl is a strong addition to the training team.

“Michael brings a proven track record of corporate and leadership training with a range of clients,” Mercurio said. “He has a passion for employee engagement and empowerment as keys to driving productivity and results. Michael will be responsible for developing and coaching our already extraordinary and growing member training team, as well as refining and designing content and new course offerings.”


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