Operation ‘Plumber’s Mansion?’

Jessica Adame-Gomez as well as her parents, Angela Adame, 57, and Ismael Adame-Orosco, 57, were at the center of the investigation, which appears to have unfolded over the course of a decade, focusing on In and Out Plumbing before growing to include suspected cocaine dealers and a few of their...

The Taos News reported in its July 14 edition of the convoluted tale of the arrest of 27 people on drug-running charges in May 2014.

At the center of the investigation is a family who runs a local plumbing company called In and Out Plumbing. Based on information from confidential informants and wiretaps, investigators claim the Adame family was using their business to launder revenue from cocaine trafficking.

Law enforcement termed the mass arrests Operation Plumber’s Mansion in an apparent reference to the family’s compound.

More details here.

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