Pipe coating system

The Picote pipe coating system renovates pipes 11/4" to 6" in diameter up to 60 feet in length with a brush-cast, resin coating to form a new wear-resistant, non-corrosive pipe from the existing one. It is cost-effective, as it leaves the existing pipe in place, eliminating the need for extensive demolition and restoration. It can be used to renovate an entire pipe system or finish off a point repair for a wide range of pipe materials including cast iron, PVC, concrete and clay. Applications are approximately 1/16" per pass, requiring just two to four coats to build the desired thickness, and dries within hours. Use of the product requires a CCTV camera and Mini Miller to power the system. Brushes, hoses and shaft come in a variety of styles and sizes for a customized package.

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Hammerhead Trenchless

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