Plumber sues Ford dealer after his traded-in truck with company name, phone number appears in ISIS video

ISIS fighters seen riding the work truck of Mark Oberholtzer, a Texas plumber.

Mark Oberholtzer says he still gets death threats.

A Houston-area plumber is suing a Texas Ford dealer after his truck, with his business' name still emblazoned on it, surfaced in Syria after being resold by the dealer and was pictured, decal and all, in a propaganda film purportedly issued by the jihadi group Ansar al-Deen while engaged in battle.

As reported by the U.S. legal website Courthouse News Service, Mark Oberholtzer of Mark-1 Plumbing in Texas City, Texas, traded in his truck in 2013 for a newer model at AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway. Oberholtzer alleges in a lawsuit filed on Dec. 9 against the dealer that as he was waiting for the deal to be finalized, he attempted to peel off his company's decal, but was asked to stop by a salesman who told him it would damage the paint.

They would remove it at the dealership, the salesman assured him, Oberholtzer alleges in the lawsuit.

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