QSC Business Excellence Day

New for CONNECT 2016, the QSC group will connect you to success through its QSC Business Excellence Day. 

As an added bonus to CONNECT 2016 this year, the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors — National Association (PHCC) is introducing a new event through its Quality Service Contractors (QSC) group. 

QSC Business Excellence Day is a one-day program, held on Oct. 19 in San Antonio, geared towards owners and senior managers of plumbing, heating and cooling service repair companies. It is open to those who are part of QSC, as well as anyone interested in learning more about the group.  

You don’t want to miss the full day of events, meant to connect you with the knowledge and perspectives you need from peers who share the same industry concerns and experiences. 

If you’re not familiar with QSC, it is a PHCC community that provides service and repair contractors with a national peer network, business management resources, training and education and business coaching services. These resources help you deliver superior customer service and satisfaction and improve business efficiency and effectiveness. You have goals you want to accomplish with your business, QSC helps you get there.

“It makes perfect sense to hold the one-day event at CONNECT 2016, the most important national-scale plumbing, heating and cooling event,” says QSC Chair, Jeff Kuhn of S & K Pump & Plumbing Inc., Brookfield, Wisconsin. “For QSC, to be there as part of the education content was a natural fit.” 

The QSC Board of Trustees, a group of forward-thinking service and repair contractors and industry representatives, developed the content for the QSC Business Excellence Day. The program was developed by service and repair contractors for service and repair contractors.

The seminar topics were identified based on regular reviews of member surveys, online conversations and industry trends. Speakers were selected based on qualifications, referrals and ability to address the topics in a challenging, engaging way. 

“We think we created a diverse program that covers some really timely topics,” notes Kuhn. 

These sessions are available to everyone, even if they aren’t part of QSC. But the hope is that people sit in on them and can see how QSC can help them turn their ideas into action, inspire better performance from their employees, give them tools to wow more customers and so much more. 

“Those who are not currently part of QSC will experience first-hand a taste of how QSC’s education and training programs, ready-to-use tools and resources, peer networking, and world-class business coaching can help business owners get where they want to be,” says Kuhn. 

Kuhn adds that part of the magic of QSC is the strong network of people who are willing to share what has worked for them. “So at Business Excellence Day, part of the value will be who is in the room, sitting there beside you, working on the same challenges and opportunities as you.”  

That peer-to-peer support system is a constant. “There is a very strong community that continually shares ideas and solutions, whether it is through an online “Q-list” that keeps people connected 24/7 or through in-person QSC conferences,” says Kuhn. 

There also are targeted peer groups based on specific business focus areas. These peer groups create powerful opportunities to do deep-dives on topics with a small group of like-minded people.

“The QSC community is the best set of ambassadors to spread that message, and they’ll be at CONNECT to share their stories of how QSC has been one of the best business investments they have ever made,” adds Kuhn. 

To learn more about QSC visit www.phcweb.org/qsc. 

Take a look at the scheduled sessions and events for QSC Business Excellence Day, held on Wednesday, Oct. 19:

9:15 – 10:15 a.m.: Inspiring Fantastic Performance through Great Leadership, led by Les Hanks, Quality Service Contractors

Leadership today requires a different way of thinking and this class gives you the tools to be the right kind of leader in a new world. This session explores five leadership styles and digs deep into the characteristics of rock solid leadership, what teams want and the top 10 things great leaders do. Discover what today’s best business leaders are focused on, and how you can apply their examples.
Attend this session to learn what it means to be a leader and to lead through values; recognize the difference between leading and managing; identify and apply five leadership styles: visionary, communicator, collaborator, leader by example and top down leader; and establish yourself as a leader committed to growth, excellence, character and a winning culture.

10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.: The Power of Selling an Experience, led by Brigham Dickinson, Power Selling Pros

When it comes to phenomenal customer service, what companies come to your mind first? Why didn’t you think of your own company? What’s holding you back? 

The internet has leveled the playing field for the service business. Search engines like Google have empowered customers with the ability to search for your company and your competition, and sites like Yelp and HomeAdvisor have become go-to venues for customers to immediately share and receive feedback on you and your competitors. The customer touch point is the fastest, easiest way to make more money, without costing you a dime in marketing or advertising. The best way to maximize your bottom line: wow your customers. As a business owner, you must equip your company to deliver more than just your average experience. You either wow your customers, or risk losing them to the lowest bidder. This thought-provoking session will help your business break through the commoditization barrier and compete in a customer-driven, information age. 

Attend this this session to find your true purpose and infuse it into every aspect of your business; change the way you do business to connect with customers like never before; create indispensable employees who are passionate about their job; and build your brand around a wow customer experience. 

1:15 - 2:15 p.m.: Coaching for Excellence, led by Beth Dobkin, Quality Service Contractors

Do you wish your company had a more integrated training culture? Do you struggle to keep employees focused on the things that will move the business forward? Want to know why your employees do their own thing? In this session we will focus on developing your coaching skills using methods designed to align company goals and core values with those things that keep your employees motivated, engaged, productive and loyal. Prepare to be inspired to ignite your team!

Attend this session to learn how to communicate with your team; identify specific key performance indicators to measure; establish a train-the-trainer culture; and coach for profitability so everybody wins.
2:30 – 3:30 p.m.: The Habits of Fast-Growing Service and Repair Businesses, led by Rebecca Gold, Quality Service Contractors

Is your business poised for growth? Does it have what it takes to become a fast growth business? Are you ready to tackle the challenges? Based on the research and decades of experience of QSC Business Coaches, this session will reveal the essential characteristics and habits of growing service and repair businesses.

Attend this session to recognize the characteristics of businesses positioned for growth; understand what it takes to grow your business successfully; and apply growth habits inside your business.

3:30 – 5 p.m.: Wrap-Up Keynote: The Fundamentals of Business Excellence, led John Spence

Strap yourself in for this fast-paced session! You'll learn the formula for business excellence, five key ideas that help build a strong and successful business. Taught by one of the top 100 business experts in America, this program is based on more than 20 years of work with businesses of every size, looking for the pattern of what only the best organizations focused on to drive superior performance. You’ll walk away with specific action steps you will implement immediately to create significant and positive impact on your business.

Visit www.phccweb.org

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