REHAU Launches EVERLOC+ Compression-sleeve Fitting System for Plumbing at AHR Expo 2017

The EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fitting system, designed for use with UV shield PEXa pipe in potable water applications, was launched at the 2017 AHR Expo. The product features both polymer and lead-free brass fittings in diameters up to 2 inches, as well as the EVERLOC+ power tool, powered by the DEWALT 12V MAX battery platform.

The connections are made using a two-step expansion and compression process: the pipe is expanded, then the sleeve is  compressed over the pipe and fitting for a secure connection that is immediately ready for pressure testing.

The polymer compression-sleeve fittings and PEXa plumbing pipe are backed by a 25-year limited warranty. The fitting system includes couplings, tees, elbows, transition fittings, multi-port tees and accessories in sizes from 3/8 in. through 2 inches. The polymer fittings are produced from a modified polyphenylsulfone material, and lead-free brass fittings are produced from ECO Brass. The power tool features color-coded, quick-change expander heads and compression jaws. Jaws can be positioned in various orientations to accommodate many installation scenarios.

The product, in sizes up to 1 inch, will be available at distributors in the United States and Canada beginning in March. A large diameter program in 1 1/4 to 2 in. sizes will be available in July. 

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