RESE names Lori Schiavo as executive vice president, appoints executive committee

The RSES Board of Directors has hired Lori Schiavo, former publisher/editor for RSES Journal, as RSES’ executive vice president. Schiavo is known for her work with the RSES Journal for the past 10 years. One of Schiavo’s goals in the coming year is to ensure that several initiatives that were started in the past year continue moving forward.

Mike Thompson, CMS, RSES International president said, “It’s nice to see someone advance from within RSES into this position. Her knowledge of both the organization and the industry are two of the reasons we came to this decision. The Board and I have complete faith in Lori’s abilities to help keep RSES growing and we look forward to working with her on new plans going forward.”

RSES International also held its 2016 Annual Business Meeting, where the Executive Committee and sworn in during the closing dinner. The Committee consists of: International President, Michael J. Thompson, CMS; International Vice President, Nick Reggi, CMS, RCT; International Secretary/Treasurer, Steve Wright, Sr., CMS, RCT; and International Sergeant at Arms, Michael Ralston, CM.

The Educational and Examining Board Chairman and slate of Directors, approved at the 2016 summer RSES Board Meeting, were also sworn in for two-year terms: Educational and Examining Board Chairman, Roger M. Hensley, CMS, RCT; Regions 1 & 3, Ratib E. Baker, CMS, RCT; Regions 4 & 6, Raymond T. Clary, CMS; Regions 5 & 7, Steve Wright Sr., CMS, RCT; Regions 9, 12 & 13, Michael Ralston, CM; and Region 10, Jerry Clark, CM.

Returning Directors in attendance serving one more year of a two-year term included: Region 2, Arthur T. Miller, CMS, RCT; Regions 8 & 11, Brynn C. Cooksey, CMS, RCT; Regions 14 & 15, J.F. “Fred” Townsend, CM; and Regions 16 & 17, Nick Reggi, CMS, RCT.

It was also decided that the RSES Auxiliary Executive Board remain as is for the 2016–2017 term, which includes the following individuals: President, Denise Ziegelbein; Vice President, Jill Malone; Secretary, Gail Paschal; Treasurer, Pat McCarthy; Sergeant at Arms, Linda Jackson; Historian, Lynn Sherman; Immediate Past President, Sandy Ralston; Membership, Karla Miller; Credentials, Grace Wellander; Officers’ Activities, Elinor Fink-Clark; Publicity, Brenda Decker; Chapter Supplies, Terry Hollander; and Brenda Decker, Sight Glass Editor.


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