Rheem, Powerhouse Dynamics partner for online HVAC management

Rheem and Powerhouse Dynamics announced a new partnership to install SiteSage sensors on Rheem’s H2AC Rooftop Unit, the first and only integrated air and water system designed specifically for full-service restaurants and other commercial applications with high hot water demand.

By integrating their rooftop units with SiteSage, Rheem is able to provide its customers with enterprise-wide remote control and access to advanced diagnostic data, which to date has only been retrievable at the equipment site. The cloud-based SiteSage software delivers visibility into system performance on all Rheem units installed across all of a customer’s locations. A complete SiteSage system can control and analyze all key facility equipment in real time to improve operational efficiency.

Through SiteSage, facilities personnel can now receive alerts generated by the Rheem units, notifying them of developing issues. Before they roll a truck to the location, HVAC technicians can use SiteSage to access detailed operating information, diagnosing a problem remotely and ensuring that they arrive onsite with the correct parts.

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