Rinnai celebrates production of 2 millionth tankless unit

Rinnai America Corporation attained the milestone of selling its 2 millionth tankless unit last month and celebrated the occasion by hosting a special luncheon for employees at its corporate headquarters.

More than 100 Rinnai America employees gathered on Sept. 23 for the celebration luncheon, which provided the company’s executive leadership team with the opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work and highlight how each employee’s individual accomplishments contributed to Rinnai reaching the 2 millionth unit goal in 2016. Rinnai showcased the 2 millionth tankless unit, an RUR98i model from the company’s Ultra Series, onsite during the event and plans to feature the unit in a corporate lobby display about the achievement in the coming weeks.

2017 Campaign to Give Back

During the 2 millionth unit celebration, company leaders also shared that Rinnai has plans to launch a philanthropic campaign in 2017 to commemorate the 2 millionth unit achievement and the company’s history of enhancing lives by providing the comfort of hot water. The humanitarian effort will focus on providing the comfort of hot water to people in need, particularly those impacted by natural disasters and other unfortunate events. Additional details about the campaign will be announced later this year.

“For years, Rinnai has been active in the community-giving arena, and our employees frequently come together to support local causes that are close to our hearts,” said Buss. “We are excited to announce the forthcoming launch of a more formalized campaign in 2017 that will enable us to deliver hot water to individuals for whom it is not readily accessible. This type of program seems like the perfect way to say ‘thank you’ to the North American market and our community of customers for enabling Rinnai’s continued success.”

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