ServiceTitan reports record growth in 2015

ServiceTitan experienced significant growth in 2015, adding a record number of employees and tripling its customer base. In response to this rapid growth, the company introduced a new customer experience model that integrates ServiceTitan’s Onboarding, Success, and Support departments to offer a more seamless onboarding process for new clients and ensure all customers receive a superior level of support.

In 2015, the number of ServiceTitan employees grew from 21 to 95, with the majority of growth – 27 employees in total – in the Customer Experience department. Customer Experience consists of four teams – Onboarding, Training, Support, and Success – making up nearly half the company.

“With our significant growth in 2015, it became very clear that we needed a better process for onboarding our growing number of new clients and providing unparalleled, ongoing support,” said Ara Mahdessian, CEO of ServiceTitan. “Our high-touch customer experience model does exactly that. From day one, customers will receive customer service that is second to none.”

In 2015, ServiceTitan was named a Top 100 L.A. Tech Company by Built in Los Angeles. This prestigious ranking of organizations with fewer than 100 employees includes other notable tech titans, Buzzfeed, Tindr and Snapchat.



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